Monday, February 27, 2012

An Intro

     In case anyone cares, I'm starting this blog with a little info on me and why I'm making this blog.  First of all, let it be noted that this is the about the 3rd time in 5 years I've wanted to start a blog and never get past my first post.  So, while this time I expect to carry it much further, I can't mislead anyone by promising this to be ongoing thing unless of course I have "encouragement" to do otherwise or simply maintain my self-will to maintain this blog.  That being said, here's to the new and hopefully final attempt!

     Next I should mention a little of my background and experience.  Of course I have had 0 college training in coding.  That's not to say I never went to college.  I did go for four years in pursuit of a business degree.  Then life happened, I never graduated, flip-flopped from one thing to the next till a former employer gave me a chance behind the keyboard.  Suddenly the sun rose and I began to question myself, "You've done this since you were 9 ... Why the hell did you go to school for business!?"

    So here I am, 3-4 years later, coding the complexities of life into a simple software solution.  At my previous employer, I was responsible for simple formats under vb and c# with a large reference to understanding the dreaded "win32 libs" ... all of them.  Our company provided software for law enforcement and thus I became the guy responsible for adding certain "securities" to our programs, such as disabling the keyboard while a vehicle is in motion.  It was fun, and beyond entertaining, however, a slight error in management left to seek other means of income, preferably in the same field I had become acquainted with.

   Today I help develop both a website for the sale of and a web software for the use of a product my company has designed.  At my back is a great structural engineer and between the two of us, we have created a new type of diagnostic tool not yet seen in the medical world using features of web-design not often seen on the internet.  Now, I won't claim to know it all, and my pure javascript writing can sometimes be annoyingly week, but designing and launching the program we have has put me in quite a spot of often times, figuring out how to do things that have yet to be done, or simply, finding easier ways to do things others have made complicated.

    All that said, a large majority of what I do today requires me to stay up to date in several languages and peeks my interest into all languages and libraries.  As time flows on, I find myself moving from one project to another, constantly learning new techniques, new libraries, and sometimes, new languages.  While I've had quite a background in .Net languages and an older background in javascript and perl, most recently I tend to be caught up in PHP through CodeIgniter and javascript via jQuery.  I mention this so as to help future readers understand, that this blog my contain 5 months worth of entries on doing things in jQuery, and then may suddenly flip the script and have 7 months of blogs on how to do things in Ruby.

     I don't intend to ever focus this blog to one type of learning other than coding in general.  So periodically, as my personal habits and/or career shifts and changes, so will my post of blogs.  At present, I'm obsessed with the newest version of jQuery (1.7 at moment) and will probably make my next several post about simple things I've learned to do in jQuery that I feel all beginners should know or at least understand to some extent.

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