Monday, November 12, 2012

How To: Reset Digital Signature on Infopath in a Sharepoint (2010) Workflow

I'm not sure how 2010 specific this is, although, right off the top, 2010 versions are all I have worked with thus far. As you can see at my StackOverflow question (found here), I had an issue arise not to long ago where I really needed to know how to do as the title says. After hours of Googling, forum searching, and even mIRC chatting I found no solution that actually worked. I found many solutions claiming to work, and perhaps they did for older versions, however none worked for our setup. I should mention we use all 2010 software and our SQL is on a virtual. Not sure how much difference any of that could make, but on to the point. I finally found the answer myself, through much trial and tribulation. Perhaps, on another day I will break this down more and detail what is going on, but for now, I'm keeping the explanation of code short. In short, I found, that to work with all users (including non-admins) I had to first raise security level and then read the XML file, find the correct url for creating the namespace object, and finally edit the XML and save it back to the document. Keep in mind, this InfoPath form is on a Library list in Sharepoint and all of this work (as per requirment) is done via CSharp in a WorkFlow. And now, the code:


  1. digital signature FAQ
    Thank you for the explanation! I looked for this information hours and I tried to do a lot of things but nothing worked. On your blog I can always find what I need. Thank you so much !

  2. Digital Signature Certificate is very expensive.

    Can I implement or create Electronic Signature in InfoPath 2010 or SharePoint 2010 Workflow?

    It seems Collect Signature in SharePoint Workflow working on Digital Signature only.

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